Leading the fight against Covid-19 with the best of science and technology

Infection Identification

AI Thermal Imaging and detection cameras positioned at venue entrances measure temperature and the presence of face coverings.

Spread Control

Individuals entering the building walk through a sanitising tunnel (C-Gate) where a dry mist is diffused.

Air Purification

Air Cleaning Units provide the complete removal of contagious viruses, pathogens and particulates to a level of accuracy of 99.9992%. 

Surface Disinfection

Electrochemistry technology utilised to derive a more powerful natural sanitising agent than chemical-based disinfectant.

About P4 Technology

Covid-19, has had a massive impact on all our daily lives and the freedoms we take for granted. During the darkest days of the pandemic our company (socially distanced) identified a solution. Their joint vision, to support the re-opening of the UK and beyond, protecting life, communities and economies.

Focusing on communities and bringing together the best of science and technology. A multi layered protection solution, made up of numerous complimentary components. Completing the vision, the manufacturing capabilities of those companies will be expanded in the United Kingdom creating employment and training opportunities..

P4 Technology Solution

Delivering preventative, risk reducing Health, Safety and Access measures, the P4 Technology Solution meets the needs of all vertical environments.

All the component parts of the solution use non-invasive technologies and natural products, free of any chemicals or alcohol, making the solution an obvious choice for any setting from Mosque to a school or hospital setting.

Research Case Studies

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