The system has numerous sector specific software solutions integrating safely with the management systems of Business, N H S and Education, which includes the capability to supply data to tracing systems speeding up the process.

P4 thermal imaging camera – Infection Identification

This Artificial Intelligent, thermal imaging camera system delivers real-time analytics for face detection, recognition, mask compliance and accurate body temperature measurement, using contactless technology and preventive outputs, including access control and social distancing.

P4 C Gate – Spread Control

The C-Gate, sanitising walk-through tunnel, stops the virus being carried into venues on infection free or asymptomatic individuals. Using completely natural products tested to numerous European Standards, and a level of accuracy of 99.995%. This offers a second layer of protection to indoor spaces.

P4 Air & AQM Unit – Air Purification

Providing the complete removal of contagious viruses, pathogens and particulates to a level of accuracy of 99.9992%, from indoor environments using patented electro-foil filtration process technology, tested by Porton Down. Supported by an Air Quality Monitoring system measuring the level of air eCo2 in enclosed areas. The monitor evaluates risk and offers guidance to individuals via Bluetooth technology, and facilities management groups through cloud-based integration.

P4 Desktop Mister – Surface Disinfection

Electrolysed Water Technology is based on the reaction and catalytic abilities of aqueous solutions subjected to electrochemical unipolar (either anodic or cathodic) treatment. This technology provides a range of powerful cleaning and disinfection products, that do not present a danger to humans, animals, plants or the environment.

P4 Skin Technology – Layers of Protection