Layer 3 - Air Purification

Air Cleaning Units provide the complete removal of contagious viruses, pathogens and particulates to a level of accuracy of 99.9992%. The patented electro-foil filtration technology, has been tested and accredited at Porton Down.

The technology reduces the risk of close-proximity transmission of infectious particles from person to person. Increases occupancy and reduces the need for maximum social distancing.

Air purification free standing units

Pioneered and manufactured in the UK provide complete removal of contagious viruses & particulates including Covid 19 from indoor environments. Using patented electro foil filtration process.

In development for 5 years & verified by Porton Down (Gov bio safety investigation unit). Have identified an efficiency of 99.9992%.

Cellular connected filters & sensors send data to cloud-based platform which can be accessed & managed in real time.

AQM Device

An environmental sensor platform measures indoor air quality combining multiple sensing elements in one device providing detailed air quality signals.

The AQM enables measurement of total levels of volatile organic compounds (TVOC). Particulate matter (PM  & ECO2.

Helps with efficiency of ventilation & air purification and how sources impact air pollution.