Layer 2 - Spread Control

Individuals entering the building walk through a sanitising tunnel (P4 C-Gate) where a dry mist is diffused.

Stops infection being carried into venues on the clothing or belongings of individuals, especially those who are asymptomatic.

The completely natural mist, made from electrolysed water and salt is 99.995% effective in eradicating infection from the air and surfaces.

The liquid, manufactured in United Kingdom, has attained all the necessary European Standards required for product type and use.

Personal sanitising cubicle, using our natural misting solution which removes disease from clothing and possessions to eradicate disease being carried into the venue on asymptomatic individuals.

The P4 C gate is non-metallic well-ventilated mesh on all sides and top except the entry for free flow of light, air, and vision. The C gate is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. It has no noise, pollution, or heat generation. The C gate uses 0.5 KW a/c power.