Layer 4 - Surface Disinfection

Electrochemistry technology utilised to derive a more powerful natural sanitising agent than chemical-based disinfectant. It is 99.995% effective, the product is a potent antimicrobial solution, capable of rapid reduction of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and microbial toxins.

Concentrates remove harmful biofilms from surfaces. Fogging and Misting options clean the air and protect clean surfaces. Completely safe for people, pets and the environment, and free from alcohol and any other chemicals

P4 Misting Products

Electrolysed water cleaning & disinfection solutions kill 99.85% of Bacteria, Fungi & Spores in less than 10 seconds. Dew disinfectant are 99.85% water.

Micro organisms do not possess protective mechanisms (unlike humans/animals) which would prevent intrusion of electrolysed water solution into the cell. Diffusion is a physical process the cell membrane is destroyed. Electron transport chains in anaerobic micro organisms are disrupted and damaged due to high affinity towards electrons. Proteins which control vital functions are oxidized so micro-organisms that have been in contact with electrolysed water die so quickly no resistant mechanisms can develop.

The solution is non-toxic, alcohol free, PH neutral, Hypo allergenic & non-irritant.

Fogging Machines

Machines are used to disinfect enclosed spaces and vehicles used to disinfect hard to reach spaces and decontaminates the air. Supplied In concentrated form should be diluted 1:6 (1-part solution to 6 parts distilled water)

The portable nebuliser creates a fog of fine droplets which float in the air, sinking very slowly to land on surfaces. It disinfects everything it encounters. No special safeguard measures needed, no waiting period after usage and no subsequent cleaning required.

The solution should be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Opened packaging should be used within 3 months. The Solution kills Legionella, Listeria, E-Coli, MRSA, Ebola, Sar’s, & Covid19.