P4 Technology strongly support innovation in all its many diverse forms and are currently looking for Innovative UK companies to collaborate and form partnerships with to assist the circle of innovation.

Many UK companies have mind blowing concepts but neither have the financial support, networks of influence or experience to scale up or drive that world beating product to the marketplace ahead of their competitors.

As we face the current challenges which will affect every one of us, not only from an economic or business perspective but also from  a health and social perspective it has never been more important to focus on the circle of innovation to increase economic growth and create social change.

P4 Technology was formed through collaboration with 3 Innovative UK companies bringing together the best of British Science and Technology to form the P4 Technology Solution which is designed to use Intelligent Infection Control to combat and massively  reduce the spread of Covid 19 .

So if your company is involved in Innovation we would be interested in discussing how we could collaborate or work in partnership to assist your company to grow.

Please contact us by completing the form on this page.